…new rule is now in effect…

First off, sorry for the long hiatus once again. I’m going to try an experiment – expect at least one or two posts a week for the next little while; I’m hoping that a little more activity on my part will result in a little more activity on your part.

And what do I mean by activity on your part, you ask? Gee, thanks for asking! πŸ™‚ Even just commenting here motivates me to keep working, but what I really need from you all is more versions and more stories about how you learned the Big M. Absolutely anything helps at this point – I just need more data.

Speaking of more data, there’s a new version of the Family Tree up now! Here’s what’s new in this version:

  • Number of continuous versions collected: 16
  • Countries with attested versions: USA (9), Canada (2), UK (2), Australia (2)
  • Earliest attested version: Warwick

You’ll see when you look at the new tree that I’ve done some serious reorganization of the Nomic section; most of this is conjecture, but the similarities between some of these versions are undeniable. You’ll notice if you look at the dates that some of this doesn’t quite match up – this is generally because the date that I have is only the earliest attested date, so far, i.e. the version clearly must have existed for a while before my contact sent it in.

I’ll let the rest of the tree speak for itself, for now.

Coming up: A few “sample games” in different versions, a post about introducing new players to the game, and more. Stay tuned.


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