Family Tree

This is Family Tree v0.2, from March 2008. It is (Less) Extremely Tentative.


How to read this:

  • Box titles indicate the name of a version; the names on the second line are my primary contact for that version, while the date (if given) is when that version is earliest attested so far.
  • Version names in italics indicate a version for which I believe my rule set to be incomplete; version names in bold indicate a version for which I have good reason to believe my rule set is complete.
  • Lines indicate relationships I either know for certain or speculate based on rule set similarity.
  • The versions under the heading Nomic allow players to make up their own rule after winning; those under Non-Nomic do not. So far, this is the most important rule distinction, and is generally indicative of other rule set similarity. (I.e. all versions labeled Nomic, so far, share many rules of their rules and are in other ways distinct from the Non-Nomic ones.)
  • Horizontal proximity indicates rule set similarity, roughly speaking, while the three versions on the second row on the left are only there due to space constraints – the tree should continue on to the right. (I.e. while CBS is likely not related to SC Mau, it appears more closely related to it than to Graeme.)
  • Double lines connecting versions indicate a known relationship – i.e. the person who submitted the later rule set said that their version game from the earlier one. Single lines indicate that this relationship is my conjecture.

Where the tree is labeled “See previous family tree?” I am referring to the tree present here, as posted to the Wikipedia talk page. The version locations and relations seem correlated, but so far the times do not match.

Sorry for the ad-hoc presentation. I’ll be working on this as I go.

(Updated 14 May to reflect Alex’s comment.)


5 Responses to “Family Tree”

  1. Dennis Brennan Says:

    Hi- I created Pennsylvania Mao back in 1989 or 1990; some components of which seem to have been adopted by other players. I’m the spikebrennan who contributed to the Mao (game) article on wikipedia.

  2. projectbigm Says:

    Hi, Dennis! Glad you made it out here. You say you created Pennsylvania Mao – were you inspired by a particular continuous version? Care to send in rule sets for either/both?

    Also, given that you’re mentioned in the older family tree I’ve linked to here, perhaps you can help clarify its relation to the versions I’ve collected, or point me in the direction of someone who can?

  3. Alex Fink Says:

    A very respectable start.

    But I didn’t mean that the Calgary variant dates to 2000; that’s the year I learned the Waterloo variant. The Calgary tradition only started in 2005.

  4. STWeston Says:

    I sent you a submission, just so you know.

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