So you’ve decided to help out, and want to submit your version, but are a little unsure about how that all works. After all, the only real rule of the game is that you’re not to share the rules, right?

I can promise you right now that any rules you tell me will never go any farther than me, and I’m not here to steal your version from you. (I’m quite happy with my own, thank you!) Check out my Privacy Thingamabob if you want a little more info.

Still not convinced? Fine, I understand. If you’re really that adverse to just sending the rules in, feel free to send me a sample game instead. I’ll work out the rules from what you send me, then write you back with a different sample game, just so you can check and make sure I’ve got everything right.

When you’re ready to submit, here’s what to do:

Send an email to project.big.m at gmail dot com. Please put “submission” somewhere in the subject and the following bits of information right up front:

  • Version Name: What your version calls itself. This includes what the actual Big-M word is, along with what specific name you use for your version. If you always just called it the Big-M, don’t worry about it – I’ll give it a name later, as patterns start to emerge.
  • Your Name: I’ll never publish this, blah blah blah, see the Privacy Thingamabob.
  • Whether it is continuous or discontinuous: I.e., did you and your friends make this one up (discontinuous), or did you learn it wholesale from someone else (continuous)? If you made it up, tell me a little about what inspired it, and whether you borrowed rules from another version.
  • Where you learned it: Give me a location here, and also tell me what it was – a school, a summer camp, a workplace?
  • When you learned it: Give me a year, or a range of years if you’re not quite certain.

Once you’ve got that in place, either put your rule set or sample game in the email or attach it in a separate file. Please make extra-certain that, whichever format you choose, your submission is as complete as you can manage: If you don’t remember some rules, I’ll still take it, just please let me know that something’s missing. Also, please don’t submit more than one version per email – this is just for my own filing purposes.

Once all that’s all down, feel free to tell me anything else you want to share. What was the name of the person you learned it from? Who else learned it at the same time? When and where and to whom have you taught the game? Anything you can tell me will be put to good use, I promise.

So what are you waiting for? Get typing – I’m waiting to hear from you.

Oh, and thanks in advance. 🙂


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